Laguna Humantay Cusco



La laguna de Humantay es una de las mejores atracciones turísticas de Cusco. ¿Qué tal les parece un viaje inolvidable de trekking en las montañas de Cusco para ver esa laguna impresionante? Si les gusta, ¡este viaje de un día a la laguna de Humantay es el full day perfecto! Junto con nuestro guía, comenzarán desde Cusco hacia la ciudad de Soraypampa y explorarán todos los lugares en el camino hasta llegar a la laguna de Humantay, ubicada a 4200 msnm. Dentro de una sola hora de caminata, conocerán lugares increíbles y majestuosos que merecen todo el esfuerzo de trekking. Además, tendrán un recorrido por la caminata de Salkantay y la montaña sagrada, la segunda montaña más grande de Cusco.

Maras and Moray 1 Day Tour


We walked to the bus station in Cusco (there are a few different ones so check with someone at your hotel) and hopped on a bus headed for Maras. We got off at a turnoff where there were several taxis waiting. We hired one (40 soles) for a few hours. You could walk but it’s a long way and the taxis are good value, especially if you’re travelling in a group. We arrived at Maras and Moray, showed our Boleto Turisticos (a ticket which gets you into a lot of Sacred Valley sights) and came face to face with the dramatic concentric terraces of Moray. They look like crop circles — apparently they were a kind of agricultural laboratory where the Incas tested different crop growing techniques. There are two large circles and another smaller one.

We walked down to ground level and back up the other side where the snow-capped mountains provided the perfect backdrop. I’m not sure how long you’d get to spend there if you went as part of a tour, but you need at least an hour to look around properly. The Moray archaeological site is very different to the other ruins that we visited in the Sacred Valley and the scenery alone makes it worth a visit.